Work with Us

Work Process

We believe a systematic working procedure would improve our production efficiency and we summarise every project experience to optimize our process for better customer experience.


Your great ideas start by communicating with us. We have rich experience and professional knowledge to assist you and turn your ideas into a complete product.

  • Step 01.

Start a journey

Our consultants will communicate with clients, analyze product requirements, offer multiple solutions, then choose the best proposal according to products and marketing needs to emphasize your business strategies.


We value your time and money. To estimate the time and costs of the development accurately, we will give you the price for design and estimated price for development after the initial consultation. If you accepted, we would sign a contract to ensure the benefits of both parties. Then we will start the design. After the design is completed, we will adjust the price and time of the development accordingly to make an accurate assessment.

  • Step 02.

Interface Design

Our team of professional designers will communicate with you closely and turn your ideas into a pleasant interface. Before the specific development starts, you can know precisely what the delivered products look like.

  • Step 03.


After the design is confirmed, just leave it with us. We will make your ideas come true.

  • Step 04.


We generate detailed outcomes at every stage of our work process to make sure the consistency and the coordination of our project, as well as for your further modification and team communications.


Before the product is launched, we will have in-house staff to design test cases for your product and carefully test them. We will do our best to ensure the quality of your product.

  • Step 05.

Professional Project Management

We value every experience working with our clients, we provide great outcomes and delightful cooperation model as well.

Real Time Cooperation

MeetKol are using latest online cooperation softwares to communicate with our clients. For specific propose, we alter the best solutions to ensure our high-efficiency information exchange.

Professional management solutions

Our service are supported by technical project management system. We analyse and transform every important detail of clients’ requirements into tasks. Our project managers will logically organise the priority and control the project budget seriously.

Internal System Testing

We divide a project into different phases, and conduct times of system testing to guarantee the best performance of our production and also consider about the future concerns at very early stage.

Appropriate Technical Support

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with how an IT project works, we will always be here to support your questions. We also build easy-to-use content management system for you to edit updates anytime on your website, App, mini program and other MeetKOL products.