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Use SaaS to create a new social media marketing ecosystem

Nowadays, popular social media platforms have occupied the largest leisure time of customers, and traditional offline and online marketing solutions have been incompatible with the habits of modern users and online ecology. Based on years of online social platform development experience, full-platform online operation experience and offline community marketing experience, MeetKOL will create a brand new social media marketing program centered on SaaS tools for enterprises. Two-way building of corporate brand and sales of personal brand to achieve new breakthroughs in marketing.

What do we do ?

Consultation & Management

As an IT solution company, we value your business concerns. We conduct deep research to understand your projects, and delivering the most productive and engaging portal proposals for your problems.

New marketing plan for social media platforms

MeetKOL SaaS marketing tools can open up the information flow between enterprises and sales, and achieve marketing copy, posters and video sharing. At the same time, it can also automatically create marketing homepages for companies and sales. Sales staff can synchronize marketing content to their own marketing homepage (exposing only personal contact information), and share it on their own social media platforms to increase product service exposure and promotion personal and company brands. The marketing homepage based on the SaaS platform is a centralized carrier of corporate and sales marketing materials, which can be smoothly shared to various social media platforms such as articles, pictures, and videos.

Design & Development

We know better about users, and always focus on building better experience. We bring your business strategies into our high-quality digital solutions with thoughtful design and reliable development.

Why website is so important ?

Marketing content design

Companies can produce high-quality marketing content for sales, including videos, posters, and marketing advertising. Sales can also create marketing content for companies, or make their own modifications based on corporate content or create their own brand-new content.

Marketing content sharing

Based on MeetKOL's SAAS marketing platform, sales staff can easily share personal marketing content to various popular social media platforms, such as WeChat Moments, Facebook Post, Tiktok (video), Instagram (picture), etc. Social media platforms can introduce high-quality customer traffic to sell their own marketing homepages to achieve the goal of content drainage and even customer conversion.

Marketing effect monitoring

Big data analysis technology based on Elastic Search. MeetKOL allows companies and sales to analyze and monitor the effectiveness of shared content. Including the number of views of different content, conversion rate, the address of the visitor, the device used, the time, the number of repeated views, the length of stay and so on. Let users have a more complete and clear grasp of their social marketing effects and potential user portraits.

At present, MeetKOL has completed the development of, and provides a web version of sales management platform for real estate sales companies, including online housing information, online Price list query, sales personal social media marketing database creation, sharing and consulting, and real estate sales The company's official website. The launch of is rooted in the pain points of the real estate sales industry, and its value and feasibility have been fully verified in practice.

In view of the huge opportunities for online real estate marketing, MeetKOL plans to increase innovation and development efforts. Launched the Property Partner project, upgraded the home network to a SaaS tool that serves real estate sales personnel, and armed a new generation of real estate agents with technology.

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