4 ways to document baby's first year

When I had my first child, I took so many pictures that I had almost 10 albums for her! For every event, whether it was Easter, halloween, Christmas, or just a regular sunny afternoon, I was taking pictures of her because I didn’t want to miss a thing.

If you want to make sure you capture every first for your child, then you need to read this post! And as a bonus, I have a special freebie just for you to help you document your baby’s first year! I’ve created super cute monthly baby milestone signs. To snag this awesome FREEBIE, all you have to do is scroll all the way to the bottom to sign up!

Here are 4 cool ways to document your baby’s first year so you never miss a thing!

#1 Make a scrapbook
When I had my first child, I was pretty lucky because I had a lot of support. Because I had a lot of help from the grandparents, I had enough free time to scrapbook. I bought a Cricket machine, fancy scrapbooking paper, cool scissors and I created a nice scrapbook to help me remember all those special moments in my daughter’s first year.

#2 Take monthly videos of your baby
In addition to the scrap book, I also took monthly videos. I would film my daughter every month and talk during the video. I would talk about all the cool and new things that she learned that month. I would describe all her firsts like eating solids for the first time, or crawling for the first time, or her sleep patterns. These videos are great because you’ll be able to look back and remember how your child changed and developed over those first 12 months.

#3 Take monthly photos of your baby with my monthly baby milestone signs!
If you don’t have time to do videos or scrapbook, you can take monthly photos of your baby beside my super cute signs. What’s great about my signs is that every month is a new sign. I used to take pictures of my baby with a sticky note on her! LOL! I was in a hurry, and I just wanted to get her monthly photo done and over with. The reason why I need a sign is because sometimes when you look back at pictures, you’re like…how old is baby here? You can never remember, right? You’re always guessing! Well if you have a sign, then you know exactly how old baby is. And it’s really cool to see how baby changes from month to month.

#4 You can use a calendar!
Now, that I’m writing about this, I’m starting remember everything that I did. You can use any calendar and then every month, take a picture of baby and stick it on that month in the calendar. Paste a description on the calendar about all the cool new things your baby is doing. Did he walk for the first time? Did he smile for the first time? Did he have any challenges? Did he get his shots and how did he tolerate it?

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